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Be A Part of Innovation

Synaptec is ever evolving, both in development and execution. Real-time analytics, algorithmically guided testing, and constant software updates make Synaptec the most cutting edge question bank on the market. Synaptec is committed to new ideas. We aim to push the envelope of emerging technology. By joining Synaptec, you become a part of this movement and make a real difference for medical students around the world.

Dynamically Driven

Every board question is new to you, and we believe your test bank should work the same way. Featuring a novel, state-of-the-art dynamic content engine, over 16,000 critical combinations and 400,000 total questions variations are at your disposal. Every question is designed to provide maximum critical analysis to better simulate high-stakes exams.

Aggressive Development

We set the bar high. Over the past year, we have actively developed dozens of ground-breaking features, including technology that has never been seen before in USMLE prep. Additionally, we continue to aggressively expand our database, knowing that challenging and educational content is what you need. We have an ambitious schedule of feature development that is aimed at keeping you sharp as a tack!

Developed With Purpose

Synaptec was designed to usher in a new era of testing with increased user autonomy, a flexible and sustainable business model, and most importantly, the world's most technologically advanced medical testing question bank. Our philosophy is that you should be able to study what you need in the way you want, at a cost that doesn't break the bank. See what makes Synaptec special.

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You Get Full Control

Unlike similar questions banks, you are in control of the questions you purchase and how you test with them. How many times you can access a question is unlimited. User reports, on-demand resources and references, and simulated board testing environments are hallmarks of our product. Use our fully-automated algorithm, or build your own tests. It is up to you!

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Algorithmic Testing

Synaptec utilizes a carefully developed, highly advanced algorithm to build a profile of your testing behavior. The first of its kind, Synaptec's algorithm deploys state of the art, smart technology to present personalized, targeted material to you on the fly. Every user's testing profile tracks achievements across numerous variables including content category, question type, and item difficulty. On fully-guided mode, Synaptec guides your study so that you are seeing the most important questions in order to actively improve your deficiencies. This means less wasted time and more efficient learning.

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Flexible Testing Modes

Synaptec has two primary modes: Fully Guided and Manual Mode. Fully Guided mode targets your weakest areas on a question-by-question basis, something traditional learning doesn't support in any efficient way. Manual Mode hands the controls to you by allowing the creation of tests that cover custom content areas. In addition, at no additional charge, you can take advantage of unlimited simulated USMLE and NBME subject exam blocks that expose you to the real-life content distributions you can expect to see on the Big Day.

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