News and Updates


Continued Updates

We are continuing to push new questions live and overhauling our existing database to optimize dynamic content. Rarely, there may be a question or two that is going through an update process. Please flag suspect questions when this occurs and we'll address it right away. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the software!


Boards Cramming?

Are you needing a last-minute QBank for board studying? Have you exhausted your other resources and want to tap into a fresh well of high-yield targeted knowledge? Use promo code BOARDSBLITZ2017 for a free month!


Summer Celebration

We are so proud of our landmark dynamic content engine! To celebrate this, and the beginning of summer, we are offering up to 5 months for $5.00. All-around, you cannot find this anywhere else on the USMLE market!


Preparing Invites

We are preparing special invitations for individuals around the country. We have a solid base of high yield content that has been diligently developed and reviewed by physicians.


Developing a User Base

We have been receiving substantial signups through mailer campaigns, social media and direct correspondance with progressive learners. We are continuing to review questions and polishing display formatting to ensure Synaptec will work across a variety of platforms. It is an exciting time, and the response thus far has been positive!


We've Launched!

We have officially launched our pre-release and have been posting to social media, in addition to using networks we have already established. Our plan from here is to incrementally invite individuals who sign up on the waitlist to use the product.


Invite Only Pre-release

As we go into release, we will be offering invite-only consideration for signups. This is to ensure that we have a stable and controlled release. That said, everyone who does add their e-mail address to the list will get access eventually, and we expect the wait times to be between 3-6 weeks total, tentatively. Keep in mind that the more people who sign up with your referral link, the sooner you get access! We look forward to working with you!


Updating Front End

We have updated the front-end color scheme in addition to core layout to make updates and navigation easier. There are a couple more tweaks from a design standpoint, but otherwise it's looking good! Have a great day, and enjoy!


Update Page Live

We have pushed live this update page as a place for you to view what we're working on! You'll be able to find new developments, updates, and critical fixes/bugs that we're working on. Have you found a bug or problem? Use our contact form to report it and we'll get right on it.

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